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How do I remove my downloads?
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There are two ways to remove downloads in the FYC app:

To remove an individual download (single title):

  • If you have downloaded the desired film and are ready to remove, simply go to the film's page and in the lower corner of the screener, click the checkmark. This will reveal the option to delete your offline download. Click on 'Delete Download'. This will clear it from your downloads.
    • Note: If you delete your download, you will still be able to download again.
    • If you did not download the film, you will see a downward pointing arrow instead of a checkmark.
    • To stop a download, click the download status (number %)  and you will open the download options.


To remove all downloaded films:

  • Alternatively, you can remove ALL offline downloads by visiting the 'App Settings' menu.
  • Click on the small gear icon and select 'App Settings'.
  • You should see a bar that indicates the app's download storage and directly above, there is an option to 'Delete All Downloads'.
  • Once selected, you will receive a prompt asking if you wish to delete ALL downloaded content. Once you select yes, you should no longer see your downloads in the storage bar.

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