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What is the download button for?
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The FYC App features "Offline Mode" which allows you to download content in advance so you can watch it when you are in a location that might not have an internet connection (like on a plane). This feature is also useful if only a cellular connection is available and you don't want to use your data plan. In these cases, you can download the content while you are on a high speed internet connection for later playback. Simply click the "Download" icon (shown below) and your content will start downloading. Once the download completes you will be notified by an in-app notification that the content is ready for offline mode. You will have two weeks to watch the content before it expires. 





If you feel like downloads are taking too long or you would prefer a different quality, you can always change the 'Offline Mode Download Quality' in App Settings which is accessed by selecting the "Gear Icon" in the upper right corner.

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