How do I watch movies on my TV with the FYC App?

This is the number one request we get here at the FYC Support Center.  

Due to content protection we currently allow AirPlay on certain titles from an iOS (iPhone/iPad) device to an Apple TV.  We do allow all titles to be AirPlayed by mirroring a MacOS (laptop/desktop) device to an Apple TV, please click here for more information. The main reason we are not able to support every casting and streaming player on the market is simply due to the lack of content protection support readily available on these platforms.  We might never be able to support all of them. 

Currently, the best option for viewing on a TV is to use an Apple TV 4th Generation and later.  The 4th Gen Apple TV's came out in 2016 and can be found on Amazon or Ebay for $130-$149.  The latest version Apple TV 5th gen (4K) can be found for $150-$180.  We only support Gen 4 and older models because this was the first Apple TV model that supported tvOS 10, the App Store, 3rd party apps and also offered the content protection tools we require.

If you don't have a 4th Gen or newer apple TV the next bet options are:

1.) Use the desktop app and mirror out to your TV with an HDMI cable.

2.) AirPlay from an iOS (iPhone/iPad) or MacOS (laptop/desktop) device to 2nd and 3rd Gen Apple TV. 

3.) Roku and Chromecast devices will also work with Android products.

Those are the current options at the moment for viewing FYC App content on televisions.

NOTE: Some platforms that are not listed here might actually support casting or streaming but they are not officially supported. 

Here are some helpful Knowledge Base (KB) articles on this topic:

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  • 17-Oct-2019