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Why does FYC.COM take me to a different website?

Warner Bros. operates two FYC Awards portals: one for Theatrical and one for Television. The FYC App bridges both Theatrical and Television so we have links to it on both portals. We may eventually have only one awards portal but for now there are two! You will notice that there is a section to take you to our FYC Ap…

How do I install the App?

![][1] **To download the FYC app, select your device below:** **[iOS (iPhone/iPad)- App Store][2]** **[Android (Phone/Tablet)- Google Play store][3] ** **[Roku - Roku Channel Store][4]** **[Desktop/PC/Laptop- Select the corresponding download for your OS: Windows or Mac][5]** **_tvOS (Apple TV HD #A1625 - Apple …

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