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Where are film downloads saved?
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When you download a film for offline viewing via the FYC App, downloads are saved within the app and they are intentionally hidden and encrypted. 

If you go offline (limited to no internet connections, i.e: on an airplane) the movie will still be available for play. To delete a downloaded film, click the 'delete' trash bin icon which appears once a film has been downloaded. 

You may delete all film downloads by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, selecting 'App Settings' and clicking 'Remove All Downloads', above the storage bar. This will remove all downloads for offline viewing. 

You do not need to download the film first in order to view--- for standard viewing/internet connections, you may select "Play film".

***Note: If you log out of your account, the downloaded file will disappear.  Just remain logged in, to keep the your file.***

For more information on downloads, search for "downloads" on our FAQ page.

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