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How to download WBFYC Screeners on Apple TV
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Please follow these steps to download the FYC Screeners app on your Apple TV:

**Please note, the FYC app is only available for Apple TV Gen 4+

Here is a great link from Apple on how to determine which Apple TV you have:


After viewing the link above and determining you do have a supported Apple TV, please follow these steps to find the App Store and the FYC App.

1.) Click on the Apple TV App Store on your screen


2.) In the app store, type in the letters WBFYC using the keyboard that appears on your screen. You may also use the Apple TV remote to speak to SIRI and ask to search for FYC. 


3.) Select "Install" on the page to download the app. Once the app is downloaded select "Open." The FYC App download page on Apple TV looks similar to the image below:


4.) Once you have downloaded the app, the FYC app icon will appear on your Apple TV Homescreen

5.) To log in, click on the FYC app and enter your unique login code. 


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