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Why do I have to download each film on multiple devices?

Each time you download a film, that download will only be available on the specific device you are using. Films that are not downloaded onto your account, which means they are not available across multiple devices.

What is the download button for?

The FYC App features "Offline Mode" which allows you to download content in advance so you can watch it when you are in a location that might not have an internet connection (like on a plane). This feature is also useful if only a cellular connection is available and you don't want to use your data plan. In these case…

Where are film downloads saved?

When you download a film for offline viewing via the FYC App, downloads are saved within the app and they are intentionally hidden and encrypted. If you go offline (limited to no internet connections, i.e: on an airplane) the movie will still be available for play. To delete a downloaded film, click the 'delete' tras…

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