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What titles are available on the FYC App?

Members will only be able to view titles up for nomination based on their respective guild(s). * Note: If you appear to be missing titles and you are a member of multiple guild(s) or Critic's groups, you may have received multiple codes. Please ensure you are using the code which corresponds with your group or guild'…

Am I able to download on Apple TV?

Unfortunately, the download function is not supported on Apple TV devices. You will only see the "Stream Now" button once you select a title to see more info. This feature is currently supported on the FYC app for iOS and Android as well as the desktop version of the FYC app for Mac and PC. We apologize for the inco…

Does the FYC app have Closed Captioning? How do I enable them?

Closed Captioning is available for each of the films offered in the FYC app. Once you begin playing one of the films, the closed captioning feature will be available in the playback settings, located at the bottom of the screen. From this menu you will have the option of toggling captions on or off. Additionally, you …

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