UPDATE 1/14 12:30PM: The FYC Desktop App has now been fully updated and downloads and streaming have all been restored. You MUST update your app to Version 2019.1.1 by downloading the new version from https://wbfyc.com/app/ Thanks for your patience!

How do I download the WBFYC desktop app on my Mac?

1.) Visit https://wbfyc.com/app/ to download the WBFYC desktop app. 

2.) The installation file will begin downloading into the download folder of the computer.  **Depending on the browser you may see the file at the bottom of the page, if not go to your download folder to complete installation**

3.) Once the download is completed, double click to initiate app installation.

4.) Click and drag the WBFYC app to the application folder on the computer before opening the app. 

5.) Input your login code

You have now successfully logged into the WBFYC App. Great job! 

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  • 14-Dec-2018