UPDATE 1/14 12:30PM: The FYC Desktop App has now been fully updated and downloads and streaming have all been restored. You MUST update your app to Version 2019.1.1 by downloading the new version from https://wbfyc.com/app/ Thanks for your patience!

How do I register for an account?

Warner Bros. cannot issue access codes directly to guild members. 

Access is given out to individual guild members by their respective guilds. If you are a member of a participating guild please contact your guild for an exclusive serialized "Login ID" which only you can use to login to the app. 

IMPORTANT: **Login credentials are not for the general public**

Your Login ID should not be shared and we do keep track of every user.

Once you have your access code just enter it into the "Enter Login ID" field and log in.  

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  • 30-Nov-2018